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          Majors and Minors

          Majors and Minors

          Oxford Majors

          Using the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education as a base, each program adds specialized content and appropriate professional courses and may integrate experience in field settings. We have over 100 majors to choose from, plus programs to prepare you for pre-professional study. If you haven't decided on a major, learn more about the Undeclared option.

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          Oxford Minors

          A minor is a specific program to be taken along with a major to complement your skills and increase your career opportunities. After you have declared a minor at the department office, you will be assigned an adviser from the department.

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          Pre-Professional Studies

          Our pre-professional programs involve a self-selected course of study that prepares you for professional school within the guidelines of another major.

          Majors and Minors

          Miami's Regional campuses offer students 30+ majors that may be completed at Miami Regionals, online on the nationally recognized E-Campus, or a pathway to 100+ majors that may be completed at the Oxford campus. The Regional campuses also have a growing selection of minors to complement your skills and increase your career opportunities.

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