Composite picture: A photo of Dean Dollár giving a speech, a banner that says SEEC Socially Engaged Engineering and Computing, and a photo of the outside of Benton Hall, Garland Hall, and the Engineering Building
Composite of students in a multitude of situations either building things, or standing for group pictures
A composite picture with a photo of a graduation cap decorated with text: "A girl who has a brain, who always speaks her mind, a photo of a group of mostly female students, and an emblem that reads: "Steminist Miami University College of Engineering and Computing"
 Three students work on their GoBabyGo! cart for developmentally disabled children
A composite containing a picture of a student working with a faculty member, a picture of a group consisting mostly of female students, and a picture of two students working together
 A group of students graduating from the College of Engineering and Computing.

The College of Engineering and Computing offers you the chance to change the world. As an engineer or computer scientist you provide solutions to today's most pressing problems. You work on grand challenges from health care to environmentally friendly designs on systems that affect all of us both locally and globally. Your education takes place at a residential school with nearly all our students living on campus or in town. This means lots of involvement for you in campus life. Extracurricular involvement is an important part of Miami’s concept of a well-rounded education, as is the liberal arts education core. These aspects complement the more specialized courses in our majors and give students the skills to do well in a rapidly-changing world.


CEC Welcome Picnic

Join us September 3rd 5–7 p.m. on the back patio of the Engineering Building for the CEC Welcome Picnic for incoming freshman.