To see how to make a written online appointment, you can read the full instructions on our written online appointments page, or watch HWC consultants explain the process in this short video.


Note: Written online consultations are not "live"--they involve no real-time interaction (through video, audio, or chat) between a writer and a consultant. Instead, writers upload their work prior to a consultation and consultants spend the scheduled consultation time responding to this work in writing. Writers then receive this written feedback over email.

Howe Writing Center

Guided by HCWE principles, the Howe Writing Center works to support all Miami writers through one-to-one consultations, community programming and events, and student-centered research into writing.


Writing Center Hours

Written Online Hours
Sunday: 1:00PM—9:00PM
Monday to Thursday: 10:00AM—9:00PM
Friday: 1:00PM—3:00PM


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