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          Partnering with Miami

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          Welcome! We invite you to explore this website to find ways to engage with Miami University in a mutually beneficial collaboration or academic partnership.

          Miami University partners with educational, public, and private institutions to establish research, consultation, and service collaborations and to design academic and outreach programs that enhance access to and support quality higher education. We actively seek new partnerships with high schools, colleges, community-based organizations, foundations, corporations, and other entities to:

          • Conduct solutions-oriented research,
          • Create new technologies,
          • Shape policy that improves quality of life and advances economic development, and
          • Educate a talented, diverse, and globally aware pool of students prepared to enter and contribute to the global workforce, serving the region, state, nation and world.

          These partnerships:

          • Involve collaborations that can reasonably be expected to have mutual (though not necessarily identical) benefits;
          • Contribute to the development of capacities at Miami and the partnering entity;
          • Respect the missions of both institutions.

          Contact us

          Jim Oris
          Vice President for Research and Innovation
          102 Roudebush Hall

          Business and Industry

          Miami possesses a broad range of talent and research infrastructure to partner with business and industry.

          Community Groups

          We are committed to cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships as well as applied and service-oriented projects with community groups that strengthen our local, state, national, and world communities.

          Educational Institutions

          Miami engages in mutually beneficial partnerships and projects with educational organizations (PreK-12 and post secondary) and other institutions on academic and outreach programs that strengthen communities.

          Government Relations

          Miami University partners with government agencies and institutions at the state local, state, and national levels.