Keeping Your Courses on Track

Keep Teaching

Keeping Your Courses on Track

in the event of short-term absences, class cancellations, or campus closures

Things happen.  Often, without notice and outside your control, forcing you or your students to miss class on campus.  Fortunately, Canvas is a powerful learning management system (LMS) with numerous functions and features to help you keep your face-to-face courses going in the event of planned or unplanned absences.  With a little planning now, you can prepare to continue teaching using Canvas so that when those things happen, you are keeping your courses on track.

Train Learn Canvas

Prepare Your Canvas Spaces

Teach Remote Delivery Practices

Important Miami University Information: COVID-19

University Senate has passed two resolutions that have actionable responsibilities for all teaching faculty by no later than March 20, 2020


SR20-11 (Class Attendance) SR20-12 (Academic Continuity)


Stay Up-To Date: Miami University Coronavirus Updates

We've Got Your Back

If at any point you would like support or guidance while you are training, preparing, or teaching to keep your courses on track, please connect with us!  We are here to help. We’ve got your back.

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